Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Roundhay candidates - Spotlight

Nice piece here on the AboutMyArea website regarding the mission statements from the Roundhay candidates:

Havent seen too much of this sort of thing on a [very] local level so well done to the site publishers

Also cant find manyTwitterings about the local political vacuum which really does surprise me. Wasnt this the war that would be won on social media? Seemingly not in West Yorks

We've scooped together the local  #-tags for you here though which might help trend searching:

Leeds Central #LeedsC

Leeds East #LeedsE
Leeds North East #LeedsNE
Leeds North West #LeedsNW
Leeds West #LeedsW
Pudsey #Pudsey

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Cameron finally to face death by Paxman

Paxo will at long last be unleashed on the boy Dave after the Tories finally agreed to submit to a one on one interview. The broadcast will go out at 830pm on Friday the 23rd April.

After what has been a truly awful week for the boys in blue, this was the last thing they wanted. But with Clegg having bravely stepped into the breach weeks ago and Brown agreeing to do so on Monday, the Conservatives were backed into a corner.

Clegg as blown this race wide open and must be relishing the prospect of clashing again in this weeks debate which is on the Liberal's favourite moral high ground subject of foreign policy.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Darling and Osborne clash

Very lively debate here involving Darling and Osborne. Hate to say it but Osborne always seems to come out on top when these two clash

Even the potential banana skin of job losses resulting from the plan to abort the NI tax rise is deftly handled.

Come on Darling you can do better than this.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Samantha Cameron visits Leeds Central

After "Dave" on Tuesday we get Samantha Cameron rolling into town today.

Mrs Cameron visited Leeds Central currently bossed by the Lib Dems. In a clear strategy that will no doubt be a common theme of this campaign, the wives are occasionally going to take centre stage.

Mrs Cameron spent time visiting Caring For Life, a charity on a farm near Leeds which helps vulnerable adults.

Michael Caine comes out as a Tory....not a lot of people knew that

The Conservatives wheeled out Michael Caine today as their first big name celebrity supporter of the 2010 campaign.

He managed to cock his lines up at a press con (referring to the Tory party as "the government" on more than one occasion) and was ludicrously asked to promote the national citizens service initiatve. This is some off the cuff, ill prepared scheme that recommends voluntary national service for kids aged 16+

Listening to BBC Radio 1 today they described Caine to their news audience as the butler in the recent Batman movie. The kids dont have a clue who he is and yet the Tories prop him up to push a youth based initiative.

The message obviously is geared to a different audience but MC did not do DC any favours today in our view. The fact that he supported Labour in a big way back in 1997 suggests he has no true political allegiance and merely jumps on whichever bandwagon is rolling his way.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Cameron visits Leeds to launch campaign

Watching Tuesdays Newsnight was quite interesting

Cameron got off to a blistering start in the election campaign by taking in Westminster, Birmingham and dear old Leeds. He hasnt been in our fair city for ages so about time too.

The boy Grossman on Newsnight followed him around all day and was completely knackered at the end of the shoot. How tired must Davo have felt? We can only guess.

Contrast this with Gordon Browns lumbering and sluggish start to the campaign with a low key meet the people stroll in deepest Kent (Rochester to start with) refusing to be drawn into dialogue with Michael Crick. Cant blame him really but think Lab. need to focus more on other key players than Brown. He is not a vote winner.

Not sure where Clegg got to but he was outside his HQ early on with the genius that is Vince Cable trying to convince the world this is not a 2 horse race.

For once he may be right - 2 horse race it may be right now but a 3 horse hung finish is more or less a certainty in our view.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Yorkshire Evening Post website....Wasnt an election announced today?

The Yorkshire Evening Post website has got off to an awful start as far as the Election 2010 is concerned.

There was NO coverage of any kind published on the site today - on the day the election was announced. In fact the only political link prominently available was to Mark Hookhams Westminster blog and remarkably this hadnt been updated since 22nd January 2010.

What the heck is going on?

Where do people turn to locally for political news and views that matters? Not the YEP that is for sure

Get your act together people and try devoting some decent time and resources to the biggest news event of the year, if not the next 5 years.

Still at least they managed to provide a superb piece on the Gawthorpe Coal Carrying World Championships.......!