Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Cameron visits Leeds to launch campaign

Watching Tuesdays Newsnight was quite interesting

Cameron got off to a blistering start in the election campaign by taking in Westminster, Birmingham and dear old Leeds. He hasnt been in our fair city for ages so about time too.

The boy Grossman on Newsnight followed him around all day and was completely knackered at the end of the shoot. How tired must Davo have felt? We can only guess.

Contrast this with Gordon Browns lumbering and sluggish start to the campaign with a low key meet the people stroll in deepest Kent (Rochester to start with) refusing to be drawn into dialogue with Michael Crick. Cant blame him really but think Lab. need to focus more on other key players than Brown. He is not a vote winner.

Not sure where Clegg got to but he was outside his HQ early on with the genius that is Vince Cable trying to convince the world this is not a 2 horse race.

For once he may be right - 2 horse race it may be right now but a 3 horse hung finish is more or less a certainty in our view.

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