Thursday, 8 April 2010

Michael Caine comes out as a Tory....not a lot of people knew that

The Conservatives wheeled out Michael Caine today as their first big name celebrity supporter of the 2010 campaign.

He managed to cock his lines up at a press con (referring to the Tory party as "the government" on more than one occasion) and was ludicrously asked to promote the national citizens service initiatve. This is some off the cuff, ill prepared scheme that recommends voluntary national service for kids aged 16+

Listening to BBC Radio 1 today they described Caine to their news audience as the butler in the recent Batman movie. The kids dont have a clue who he is and yet the Tories prop him up to push a youth based initiative.

The message obviously is geared to a different audience but MC did not do DC any favours today in our view. The fact that he supported Labour in a big way back in 1997 suggests he has no true political allegiance and merely jumps on whichever bandwagon is rolling his way.

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